Who is Christopher Zoukis?

Christopher Zoukis, a young writer currently incarcerated at FCC Petersburg (Medium), is an impassioned and active prison education advocate, a legal commentator, and a prolific writer of books, book reviews, and prison law articles. While living in prisons of various security levels, retaliations for his activism have earned him long stretches in solitary, or “the hole.”

Most recently, Christopher published his latest book, the Federal Prison Handbook: The Definitive Guide to Surviving the Federal Bureau of Prisons in 2017. It has gone on to win multiple writing awards since then, including the IndieReader Nonfiction Discovery Award, a gold medal in general nonfiction from the Readers’ Favourite Book Awards, and a non-fiction award from the Feathered Quill.

In 2016, Christopher received a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (Business and Administration and Legal Studies). Today he is a graduate student in Adams State University’s Masters of Business Administration program. He regularly advises fellow prisoners and prison consultants about legal issues and the federal regulations governing operations at the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Upon release he plans to attend law school and become a federal criminal defense attorney. To effect this aim, in 2017 he sat for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), in which he scored in the 94th percentile of all test takers.

Christopher Zoukis is a 31-year-old impassioned prisoner advocate and award winning fiction and non-fiction writer.

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Media Contributions

Christopher regularly contributes to the Huffington Post, New York Daily News, Prison Legal News and the New York Journal of Books. He has also been quoted as an expert source in multiple mainstream media publications, such as USA Today, the Detroit Free Press and the Tallahassee Democrat.

He is also the author of the Federal Prison Handbook (Middle Street Publishing, 2017), Prison Education Guide (Prison Legal News Publishing, 2016) and College for Convicts (McFarland & Company, 2014), both of which have received multiple writing awards.

Christopher is also the founder of PrisonEducation.com and PrisonerResource.com.

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Along with being a successful author, christopher also assists fellow prisoners with litigation.
Along with being a successful author, Christopher also assists fellow prisoners with litigation.


Christopher is currently engaged in a number of writing projects, including ongoing commitments to several national publications and second editions of his books.

He has also become successful in the internal prison litigation realm and is a sought-after consultant on a number of matters (both in-prison and out of prison). He has successfully litigated against the Federal Bureau of Prisons over issues relating to the First Amendment, discipline, custody and classification, legal activities, correspondence, healthcare and food service matters.

Christopher personally assists fellow prisoners with filing administrative remedies, contesting disciplinary matters, locating viable correspondence education programs and obtaining proper medical care while in prison. He also assists fellow prisoners by consulting on their legal projects. His legal expertise is demonstrated by his contributions to Prison Legal News and Criminal Legal News.


Christopher Zoukis was born in March 1986, adopted at birth and raised in the Atlanta, Georgia area. He grew up in a loving home in the Atlanta neighborhoods of Ansley Park and Brookhaven.

The Zoukis family includes his older sister and dedicated mother and father. His mother Suzan Zoukis is a sought-after volunteer organizational leader. His father Stephen Zoukis, an engineer and attorney by training, is a successful commercial real estate developer holding senior positions at Jamestown Management and the Raven Cliff Land Company.

Unfortunately for Christopher and his family, he was always a rather rambunctious child with a propensity to take matters to the extremes, including substance abuse in his later teens.  As such, he spent time in several drug and alcohol treatment centers. In 2006, as a senior in high school, his life stopped dead in its tracks. He went to prison – Find Out Why.

Early on in his Incarceration, Christopher decided to change his life. He earned his GED, then completed a number of programs in Bible studies and law. He received his high school diploma from Penn Foster High School, and BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from Adams State University, and is now a graduate student in ASU’s MBA program.


Today, Mr. Zoukis is no longer the confused teenager he once was. He has transformed himself from a low-skilled high school dropout to an educated student of many disciplines. When Christopher leaves prison he will do so as a highly-skilled, highly-focused professional with a number of years of work experience under his belt in the legal and advocacy fields.

Christopher Zoukis is scheduled to be released from prison in October 2018. Until then, he will, in his own words, “Do today what will make tomorrow the day I want it to be.” For now, that means studying, working, publishing, and helping fellow prisoners however he might. “Outside of that, we’ll see what falls on my doorstep.  Regardless of what it is, I’m sure it will be an adventure.”