Book Proposal: Radio Vision: The Life and Times of Ruth Drown, America’s Greatest Woman Huckster


You may have heard many of the numerous and elaborate lies circulated about Dr. Ruth Drown.  Let me tell you the truth.” – Trevor James Constable


One version of the story is this:  Ruth B. Drown invented a new kind of miracle.  The miracle was called a “Radio Therapeutic Instrument.”  With her invention, Dr. Drown, using only a dried drop of a patient’s blood on a piece of blotter paper, could accurately diagnose any and all diseases afflicting the patient, including cancer.  What is more, Dr. Drown could then cure the patient without the need of radiation, drugs, surgery or a hospital.  Sick and dying people flocked to her laboratory in Hollywood, California, where they expected to be healed.

Another version of the story is this:  Ruth B. Drown was the single greatest female flim-flam artist in the history of medicine.  She deceived thousands of patients, by the bye killing some of them, and made millions of dollars all while thumbing her nose at the American Medical Association. 

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Domain Names: An Often Overlooked Search Engine Optimization Component

When web content writers think of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) they often think of keywords, in-bound links, site submissions to search engines and directories, and the speed at which a website loads. Since website managers/owners start to focus on Search Engine Optimization after a site has already been created and is on-line, they often overlook the basic component of the SEO value ingrained with a domain name. Since there is so much SEO value in a domain name, a primer is needed.


A website’s domain name is the top-tier URL address. For example, Google’s domain name is “” The same is true of Facebook’s domain name “” and Intimo Media’s “” This is effectively the primary name — and web address — of any website.

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Keywording: An Effective Strategy Toward Search Engine Optimization Success

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of ensuring that a particular website ranks as high as it can within search engine results.  The process can be as simple or as involved as the website owner/manager desires to make it.  It can also be as expensive or inexpensive as they desire.

There are many components to Search Engine Optimization.  It really depends on the school of thought the person belongs to.  Initially, many thought that link building was the key, where a website manager would attempt to entice others to link to their website.  Quantity was the order of the day.  Then came along keyword density, where a certain percentage of keywords — the “keyword density” — were thought to be the primary SEO factor.  But these days — in more enlightened times, only a handful of years later — the concepts behind the field of Search Engine Optimization have become more expansive.  It’s no longer solely about links or keywords or any other single component.  It’s about all that and much more.  SEO should be thought of as a symphony of distinct, yet powerful notes and tones which form a multiphasic unit.

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By Kenneth E. Hartman

Reviewed by Christopher Zoukis


Kenneth Hartman has written the mother of all prison memoirs, thus placing himself in the exalted company of Caryl Chessman and Jimmy Lerner.  Hartman calls his memoir Mother California, because he was “state raised, a child of Mother California.”

The very first sentence goes like this:  “When I was nineteen, I killed a man in a drunken, drugged up fistfight.”  After being tried and convicted, Hartman was sentenced to life in prison, without the possibility of parole.  He was summarily tossed into the California prison system, where he was supposed to live until he died.  And the sooner he died the happier everyone would be.

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Snow White is the title of an old European fairy tale.  The most popular version was the one assembled by Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm.  In today’s world, Walt Disney’s version is the most familiar.

To many there is a puzzling religious savor to the story – red blood, sacrifice, a coffin of glass, a peewee priesthood and, in the end, an almost suicidal death.  To the feminists the story represents more male propaganda designed to keep women in their place:  good little girls are innocent and domestic, while bad little girls are villainous (a very male quality which, in unladylike fashion, they have adopted) and dynamic.

To me, it is a simple tale of narcissism’s tendency to self-destruct.  And I see a great similarity between Snow White and the biblical story of Jezebel.

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