A Picture in the Paper – Poetry

By Christopher Zoukis

Image courtesy dml.ucdavis.edu

I saw a picture in the paper today.

A picture of a time it was ok to play.

A picture of a girl I used to know.

A picture of Kelsie Snyder; a picture of hope.


I look at this picture and my heart is so empty.

My eyes tear over; the love that was once there strikes me over and over

It’s not something she did; it’s the memory of the past.

It’s the lost love once again that always seems to last.


It’s as if my life is a revolving door.

The love comes in one day; the next it’s ripped and torn.

It must be me; I should of known it wouldn’t last.

But Kelsie, a part of me still loves you; a part of me lives in the past


So days like today when I’m stuck in my cage.

I will think of you and I will hurt and I will at times rage.

The rage is for you; it’s what gets me through.

But the hurt is so much worse; it is as if it’s a curse.


Kelsie, I still love you.