Book Proposal

By Christopher Zoukis

Killing God’s Enemies relates the origin, history and activities of the church of Christian Identity and its violent outgrowth called the Phineas Priesthood.  In doing so, the book reveals the group’s philosophy of hate; their methodology, which is death to all blacks, Jews, homosexuals and abortionists; and their goal, which is an America ruled by white men.

The church of Christian Identity is a small and obscure religious denomination.  Its radical arm – the Phineas Priesthood – barely registers on the radar screens of the general public’s consciousness.  That is, until it’s too late.  For the Phineas Priesthood is unlike any other priesthood.  There is no seminary and no ordination.  There is only one requirement:  kill the enemies of God. 


Killing God’s Enemies will tell the fantastic but true tale of:

  • How Christian Identity came to exist.
  • Where the idea of the Phineas Priesthood came from.
  • Relate the violent exploits of the Priesthood’s lone warriors.
  • Show how Anti-Semitism forms the fulcrum upon which Christian Identity pivots.


 Racism, white power and white supremacy have been around since the beginning of mankind.  They are as old as dirt.  Religious fundamentalists trace the superiority of the white race back to the Bible.  They cite many and various passages from the Old Testament as proof of their assertion, including Adam and Eve, the sons of Noah, and Phineas, the priest of the tribe of Levi.  According to the white supremacists, these passages demonstrate that white people are “God’s chosen people.” 

Of course, the process by which this conclusion is attained is based on misinterpretation, delusion and a prior agenda. 

The church of Christian Identity grabbed hold of the theory of the Lost Tribes of Israel, which is also called British-Israelism, and ran with it.  Christian Identity doctrine maintains that white people – Aryans – are true Israel and thus God’s chosen.  All other races – called “mud people” or people of color – are the enemies of God.

As Christian Identity looked around for an excuse to exterminate the “mud people,” they pounced upon an obscure passage in the Bible, from the Book of Numbers, where a priest named Phineas decided to kill those guilty of racial interbreeding.  They called it the Phineas Priesthood.  And it was just what they were seeking.

Phineas’ berserk violence caught on and lone warriors began murdering God’s enemies.  And the idea was expanded to include other activities such as tax evasion, bank robbery and counterfeiting.

The most recent exploit of a Phineas Priest took place a few weeks ago, in 2014, when Larry Steve McQuilliams went crazy and began shooting in downtown Austin.  In 2009, James Von Brunn shot and killed security guard Stephen Johns at the Holocaust Memorial Museum.  Brunn was a member of Aryan Nations and a disciple of Christian Identity.

In 2007, Dennis ‘Big Boy’ Clem and his girlfriend – Tanya Smith – killed three people in Louisiana, including two police officers.  Clem and Smith were members of the Aryan Circle.  And in 2004, Dennis Mahon and his brother Daniel Mahon attempted to kill a black city official in Scottsdale, Arizona, by setting off a bomb in the city’s Human Resources Complex.  The Mahon brothers were members of W.A.R (white aryan resistance).   

Robert Matthews and his gang, which he called The Order or The Silent Brotherhood, used the concept of the Phineas Priesthood to rob armored cars and murder Jews.  The ultimate goal of The Order was the creation of a white haven in the Pacific Northwest. 

Byron de la Beckwith used the idea – after the fact – to thwart the civil rights movement of the 1960s.  Beckwith was a member of the KKK, who later gravitated to Christian Identity.  He assassinated Medgar Evers in 1963.  Because Beckwith was white and Evers was black, all white juries refused to convict him.

Timothy McVeigh borrowed the idea too.  He blew up a federal building in Oklahoma City, killing hundreds of innocent people, including children in a day-care center.  McVeigh was a disciple of Christian Identity.

In 1994, Paul Hill decided to take up the hood of the Phineas Priesthood.  Hill was a strong advocate of “Phineas actions.”  Hill murdered a doctor and his escort as they walked outside an abortion clinic in Florida.

Eight men, who called themselves Phineas Priests, used bombs to blow a newspaper office and an abortion clinic in Spokane, Washington.  Three of the men were arrested and put on trial.  During the trial, it came out that they were part of a larger group.  The remaining members of the group are still out there.

Peter Langan and Richard Guthrie called themselves the Aryan Republican Army.  They were priests in the Phineas Priesthood.  Their goal was to set off a white revolution that would encompass the entire U.S.  As part of the process, they robbed two dozen banks “just for fun.”

Eric Rudolph grew up under the influence of Christian Identity.  He killed the enemies of God by setting off a bomb at the Atlanta Olympic Games. 

Buford Furrow, who was a member of the Aryan Nations, decided to implement a Phineas-like performance.  So he became a lone warrior.  He opened fire on children at Jewish Community Center in Los Angeles and murdered a Filipino-American postal worker.

How and why did all this take place?

Killing God’s Enemies will tell the incredible stories of these Phineas Priests.  With money supplied by armed robberies and money counterfeiting, these religious bigots were attempting to set off Armageddon.  And after the final battle was all over, their goal was a ‘white-only’ world. 

This video is amusing:  first, much of his historical information is incorrect; second, his point is somewhat vague.  He equates the Phineas Priesthood with domestic terrorism, which is probably correct, but then he goes on a diatribe that attacks both conservatives and liberals.