Book Proposal

By Christopher Zoukis

African-American gangs emerged in the Los Angeles area during the 1920s and 1930s.  By the late 1960s, a gang called the Baby Avenues was created in South Central L.A.  Like the monster Frankenstein, the Baby Avenues were the creation of a single individual – Raymond Washington aka ‘Ray-Ray.’  The Baby Avenues eventually became known as the Crips, a loosely organized and extremely violent group of black gangbangers.  ‘Ray-Ray’ was the acknowledged leader of the Crips.

Ray-Ray, intent upon expanding his territory and increasing the number of gangbangers under his control, went to war (banging) with the independent gangs.  To protect themselves, the independent gangs formed an alliance.  They called their alliance the Bloods.  The result was that L.A. became a battleground.  Crips versus Bloods.  During the 1980s, 30,000 gang members were associated with either the Crips or the Bloods.

In 1993, O.G.Mack formed the East Coast version of the Bloods.  Mack called his organization the United Blood Nation, but most simply referred to it as the East Side Bloods.

By 2001, the East Side Bloods were a major force in the prisons and cities along the eastern seaboard, from Maine to Florida.  Five Blood sets originated under the name United Blood Nation:  One Eight Trey Gangsters, Sex Money Murder, Valentine Gangster Bloods, G Shine, and the Nine Trey Gangsters.

East Side Bloods operate prostitution rings, engage in armed robbery, protection rackets, and are deeply involved in drug trafficking.  They also bang (go to war) with other gangs, including other Bloods, to expand their territories.

The proposed book will cover:  Valdo Thompson / Photo courtesy

  1. A detailed history of the United Blood Nation.
  2. The story of Peter Rollack aka Pistol Peter, who is now serving a life sentence in the ADMAX in Florence, Colorado.  Peter Rollack was the leader of Sex Money Murder, an East Side Blood set.
  3. The story of Valdo Thompson, a five star general of Sex Money Murder.  In November of 2013, Thompson was convicted of murder and attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and racketeering.  Thompson murdered Michael Montgomery, a member of the Brick City Brims set of the Bloods, and almost killed another gang member, Keith Logan of the G Shine Bloods set.
  4. The story of five members of Sex Money Murder convicted of killing 13-year old Tamrah Leonard in a drive-by shooting.
  5. The story of 27 members of the United Blood Nation indicted for drug trafficking, gun running, and murder.
  6. The story of Wayne ‘Silk’ Perry, presently incarcerated in the ADMAX.  Silk was the enforcer for Alberto Martinez.
  7. The story of Alberto ‘Alpo’ Martinez, who was the drug king New York City.
  8. Others to be determined; there are so many to choose from.