Book Review: Conspiracy Theory

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Conspiracy Theory
By Mike Enemigo
Published by The Cell Block, P. O. Box 212, Folsom, CA 95763
ISBN 9781492709665 $15.00 (2012, 2013)
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Reviewed by Christopher Zoukis

Conspiracy Theory is a gritty story of drugs, crime, and the underground rap music scene in Sacramento, California, written by someone who knows whereof he speaks. Mike Enemigo, a Folsom Prison lifer is the Impresario of The Cell Block, an up-and-coming publisher of crime, urban fiction, and non-fiction.

Conspiracy Theory is Enemigo’s third book, and he writes with a hard, fast style that pushes the story along quickly. The protagonist, Kokain, is a Sacremento city rapper who ends up entangled in a situation that sees him wind up as a possible fall guy for the six-figure rip-off of a marijuana grower that goes wrong. As the heat comes down on the brother of Kokain’s girlfriend, deception, deceit, and betrayal all threaten to burn and destroy him.

The story is a harsh one, but a step up from the usual fare in the urban novel market. Conspiracy Theory is based on true events, and Enemigo knows the streets. That’s what makes it a compelling read. Anyone familiar with the dangerous world that Enemigo writes of will find themselves nodding along to the beat with this one.

The Cell Block is developing a reputation as one of the big dogs in the crime and prison publishing industry, and Conspiracy Theory is proof why.

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