Bruder Schweigen: The Silent Brotherhood

By Christopher Zoukis

Racism, white power and white supremacy have been around since the beginning of mankind.  They are as old as dirt.  Religious fundamentalists trace the superiority of the white race back to the Bible.  They cite many and various passages from the Old Testament as proof of their assertion, including Adam and Eve, the sons of Noah, and Phineas, the priest of the tribe of Levi.  According to the white supremacists, these passages demonstrate that white people are “God’s chosen people.” 

Of course, the process by which this conclusion is attained is based on misinterpretation, delusion and a prior agenda.  To put it simply:  white supremacists are nutcases who distort Scripture to support their crazy, twisted viewpoint. 

The reason for posting this video is that my collaborator and I are in the initial stages (research and outline) of a book about the so-called Phineas Priesthood, which by definition would include The Order aka The Silent Brotherhood.