Book Marketing From Prison

By Christopher Zoukis Book marketing in the world outside of prison is fairly straightforward. The author writes a book, ideally has the foresight to build an author platform in the process, and then uses the platform and other tools to market their book once it is published. These other tools often consist of a snazzy […]

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Effective Email Marketing for Authors

By Christopher Zoukis

One of the best ways for authors to alert their readers as to new works is to stay in contact with them from the start.  While it is recommended that authors frequently update their author websites (via articles and/or blogs), it is not reasonable to expect the majority of their readers to continue returning to the site for more information month after month and year after year.  Life simply gets in the way.  While RSS feeds can assist in keeping the author in front of their audience, email marketing really is the best option since it affords more control of the marketing campaign and allows for an increased level of personal involvement.

While there are a number of companies out there which will gladly take an author’s money in lieu of email marketing services, most remove the author from the equation and many are essentially spammers.  The few who put in the required amount of time are very good, but expensive.  As such, the independent author would be advised to take their own email marketing into their own hands.  Without much effort or capital, any author can do just that.

Effective email marketing for authors can be fulfilled through simple tasks such as employing an email address collection mechanism, planning an email marketing campaign, designing and implementing an email marketing campaign, and revising  email marketing campaigns according to the results.  Any author, no matter how technologically astute or not they happen to be, can be an effective email marketer.  They can connect with their readers, provide valuable content to them, and maximize profits by doing so.

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