Social Justice Advocate Interviews Transgender Federal Inmate about Abhorrent Healthcare

Sangye Rinchen and Christopher Zoukis PETERSBURG, Va., Oct. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Social justice advocate, author, and inmate, Christopher Zoukis, recently met with Sangye Rinchen, a transgender federal prison inmate incarcerated for bank robbery at FCI Petersburg – a medium-security federal prison in Petersburg, Virginia. What he learned was frightening. Since 2012, Rinchen has tried […]

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A Supposedly Funny Thing: David Foster Wallace

DFW discusses his delightful non-fiction book — A Supposedly Funny Thing, which is a collection of essays and articles about various topics, places and almost-adventures.  DFW was often commissioned by slick New York magazines to write articles about subjects like cruises, lobster festivals, tennis tournaments, etc. Note the difference between DFW’s articulation and the interviewer’s […]

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Interview: Barbara Carole, Author of ‘Twelve Stones’

By Christopher Zoukis / February 4, 2014


         Today, I’m pleased to interview Barbara Carole about her memoir Twelve Stones which tells the story of an intensely personal, unorthodox journey to faith.  Gritty, plain-spoken and fast paced, this book reads like a novel – with vibrant characters, dialogue and action on three continents – but it is all true.

          Barbara, a Fulbright scholar and graduate of the University of Wisconsin with B.A. and M.A. degrees in literature, lived in Paris for several years as a translator and assistant editor at the Paris Review before returning to the USA to teach French and French literature at UCLA.

            Subsequently, she was a writer and researcher for undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau, working in Los Angeles and Monaco, France. 

Barbara worked for 20+ years as a marketing executive before leaving the corporate world to focus on her writing.  For more on her background and on the book, visit


Christopher Zoukis: Barbara, Twelve Stones is a very intimate story.  How does it feel to have such personal details of your life in print for everyone to see? 

Barbara Carole: Ha!  A lot of people ask me that.  Telling it all honestly wasn’t easy, but I wanted the reader to know me exactly as I was, with no sugar coating.  Because the whole point of the story is that imperfect people can find perfect love.   Even ordinary people who make poor decisions, can experience extraordinary miracles.

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