Christopher Nuttall: Sci-Fi Writer Extraordinaire

By Christopher Zoukis

Christopher Nuttall is a relatively young writer of science fiction novels.  He self-publishes, which means he is an “indie author.”  As he explains on his website, “Malaysia is very different from Britain in all kinds of ways, some unsurprising and others that continue to astonish me.”  Obviously, this is a reference to the fact that he lives and writes in Malaysia.  To me this seems quite exotic, even mysterious. 

His delightful novel — Outside Context Problem — was my first exposure to Mr. Nuttall’s riveting fiction.  I realize the previous sentence sounds a bit like back-cover copy, but it’s true.  He has a wonderful voice and his novels contain many action scenes, along with introspective scenes, where the characters wrestle with moral choices.  It’s excellent stuff!

The Ark Royal series is his latest.  And it’s worth reading.  Since he is prolific, you never have to wait long for something new to read.