By Christopher Zoukis

Donald Spitz later told reporters that Paul “died with joy in his heart.  He knew what he did was right, he willingly gave his life for the unborn.”[1]

In reality, Paul Jennings Hill was a narcissistic, religious madman.  Mentally and emotionally unstable, he found meaning for his inner emptiness in the zealotry of Christian Identity teachings.  Since he openly endorsed “Phineas actions,” it seemed obvious he had read Vigilantes of Christendom and adopted the book’s ideas.[2]  Only in doing something for God could Paul feel worthwhile.  Thus he was a prime target for the rabid doctrines of Christian Identity.   Image courtesy

The church of Christian Identity didn’t instruct Paul to become a murderer.  They didn’t need to.  To psychologically vulnerable individuals such as Paul, once they were indoctrinated, the call to action came from within.  Steeped in the idea of “defending God’s Law,” they took it upon themselves to become priests, not only in thought but also in deed.  They were compelled to demonstrate their holiness.  By doing so, they gained not only the approval of their fellow-believers, but obtained rewards from God – the ultimate approbation.  Or so they thought.

The supreme, deluded arrogance of people like Paul found manifestation in the spurious belief that an Omnipotent God required their help to enforce and defend His Law.

In that sense, then, Paul Hill became the willing dupe of Christian Identity and Richard Kelly Hoskins.  He believed and then acted upon his belief.  He wasn’t brainwashed.  Instead, he was ‘faith-washed,’ which was even worse.  For ‘faith-washing’ overrides every human inhibition.

[1] Miami Herald, September 4, 2003.

[2] The Anti-Defamation League states that Paul Hill “advocated Phineas actions.”