By Christopher Zoukis Oak Hill Cemetery is in Ballard, California, which is near Santa Barbara, which boasts ‘perfect weather’ all year round.  With their addresses carved in granite, three thousand plus permanent residents abide in Oak Hill, surrounded by verdant greenery, cool ocean breezes skimming over cerulean blue water.  A permanent address should make one […]

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Here Lies A Man – 2

Patterson, who was black, had decided that the world champion of boxing must be moral as well as a skilled boxer. 

Even then role models were in vogue.  And Floyd Patterson, when he looked in the mirror, saw a worthy role model.  Whereas Sonny, when he looked in the mirror, saw a snake coming out of the darkness.  His self-perception was modeled after those around him, the way they perceived him. 

So much for role models.

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