The Best

By Christopher Zoukis

The 2012 Summer Olympics are over.  Most of the Olympians have moved on to new challenges.  One of the most decorated Olympians is a woman most people have hardly heard of.  Her name is Kim Rhode, and she’s won five medals in Olympic shooting.  She shoots skeet. 

She’s a 21st century Annie Oakley.

In any other sport, she’d be endorsing products – like Winchester or Perazzi shotguns or alliant powder or Ray Ban shooting glasses – and making lots of money.  But not in shooting.  Only aficionados of the sport care what products she uses, and there aren’t very many of those.

In 1996, when she was only 17 years old, she won a gold medal in Atlanta in what’s called the double-trap competition.  Four years later, in Sydney, she took home a bronze medal.  Then in Athens, she won gold again.  At that point, the Olympics dropped the double-trap competition.  So Kim took up skeet shooting. 

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