By Christopher Zoukis


At this point, the author introduces information about how people receive and transmit information, using it to demonstrate the difference between big-picture buyers and detail-buyers.  The difference resides in what is called chunking.  People who chunk up see the big picture.  People who chunk down perceive detail.  Big picture buyers want to know what impact the sales person’s product will have on the company.  Detail buyers want to see the separate steps to the solution. Image courtesy

Seidman does not provide a specific question to aid sellers in identifying between the two types.  Instead, he suggests sales people come right to the point:  “Would you prefer a big picture or do you want all the details?”  Big-picture buyers want to hear general descriptions of the product and its cost, along with an overview of how it will benefit the company.  Detail buyers want to hear the specifications of the product and how it will integrate into the company.  The seller then provides information pertinent to the buyer’s inclination, either a summary or a vast amount of detailed information.

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