Bad Boys and Their Toys

By Jesus Angel Garcia

Reviewd by Christopher Zoukis

According to the Bible, prior to his fall from grace, the Devil went by the tag of Lucifer, Son of the Morning Star.  Not much is known about who Lucifer was or what he did all day long, except he was the epitome of virtue and sinlessness.  In other words, he was probably pretty boring.  After his famous crash and burn, the Devil’s tag was changed to Satan, which means ‘adversary.’  Plenty is known about Satan.  He’s the original bad boy, the Ur-bad boy.  Variously portrayed as exaggerated, quaint, and absurd, he is anything but boring.Image courtesy

Enter Jesus.  No, not that Jesus.  Jesus Angel Garcia, who is the author of badbadbad, a kick-ass novel, whose protagonist goes by the same moniker.  The storyline goes like this:  Jesus Angel Garcia is left in the lurch by his wife, who takes Jesus’ baby son with her.  Through chance or by the hand of God – who knows? – Jesus metamorphoses from janitor to webmaster.  In his new career, Jesus builds and maintains websites for churches.  This is his day job.

Jesus is introduced to his night job by the son of a preacher, the pastor of the First Church of the Church Before Church.  Cyrus, who is the son of the preacher, leads Jesus down the primrose path to another kind of job, which is more of a calling than a job.  Jesus’ calling involves – for lack of a better term – a kind of sexual therapy.  He finds his patients at, an online social network for heretics, weirdoes, fetishists, and erotomaniacs.

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