J.P. Dargitz Goes to California

By Christopher Zoukis

In 1896, J.P. could no longer resist the siren call of California, which was believed to be a land flowing “with milk and honey” and vast opportunity.  California was a place where men of vision and ability could make a name for themselves – and a fortune, too.  J.P moved to California, where he put all his talents to work.  He taught school, practiced medicine and preached the Gospel.  Eventually he became the pastor of a small church in Lakeport, California.  J.P.’s church was affiliated with the Church of Christ. 

Seeing an opportunity, J.P decided to seize it with both hands.  It was 1904, and the Church of Christ was establishing colonies in parts of the United States.  These colonies were religious communities, where like-minded believers could live and work and play, all while keeping the sinful ways of the rest of humanity at arm’s length.  They could live in the world yet not be a part of the world. 

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