Blood Alliance

By Christopher Zoukis

Eventually, to protect themselves, the other gangs – the Compton Piru, the Brims near USC, the Swans, and the Bounty Hunters – formed an alliance called the Bloods.  The Bloods alliance was the result of the March 1972 murder of Robert Ballou, Jr.  It happened like this:  after a concert at the Hollywood Paladium, a rat-pack of twenty Crips assaulted a group of teenagers, robbing them of their wallets and jackets.  Robert Ballou, Jr. was one of the teenagers.  Ballou resisted, refusing to surrender his jacket to the Crips.  The Crips proceeded to jump him and beat him to death.   Image courtesy

The brutal murder of Ballou, who was a neutron – a person unaffiliated with a gang – incensed the Compton Piru.  The Piru went to war with the Crips.  Outnumbered, the Piru really had no chance against the superior forces of the Crips.  Realizing they needed help, the Piru approached the Lueders Park Hustlers about an alliance.  The Lueders Park Hustlers agreed to a meeting on Piru Street.  Not being shy, the Piru also invited every other gang that had grievances against the Crips.  One gang that had a grudge against the Crips was the L.A. Brims.  The Crips had murdered a gangbanger with the nickname of Lil Country, a member of the Brims.  The Denver Lanes and the Bishops sent representatives as well. 

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