Education Behind Bars: A Win-Win Strategy for Maximum Security

By Christopher Zoukis

Reviewed by Randall Radic

On the subjects of prison, education, and rehabilitation, in his monumental Education Behind Bars:  A Win-Win Strategy for Maximum Security, author Christopher Zoukis has much to say.  And he says it very well.

In today’s world, especially in the U.S., society appears more interested in simply building more prisons, filling them with prisoners, and then throwing away the key than in attempting to reduce crime and recidivism.  That is, until recently.  Now that many states are staring down the long dark tunnel of financial ruin, they are seeking ways to save money rather than spend it.  But the big question is this:  if we’re not going to spend billions on building more prisons, and even more billions housing the prisoners in the old prisons, what are we going to do?

Christopher Zoukis has an answer.  He has written the guidebook of all guidebooks to reducing crime and recidivism.  As already noted, the book is called Education Behind Bars.  And it grew out of Zoukis’ preoccupation with finding the answer to a very simple question:  “What is the best way for me to educate myself while I’m in prison?”

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