Marketing Luxury

By Christopher Zoukis

A fascinating example of marketing luxury products targeted at rich, single men is Diageo, which is the world’s leading beverage company.  Diageo has many products that span the price spectrum.  But Diageo concentrates on its luxury brands, treating them like precious loved ones.  Some of Diageo’s luxury offerings include Johnnie Walker Blue, Crown Royal XR, Ciroc Vodka, and Don Julio 1942.

Diageo’s method of marketing bears examination.  The company designed its marketing around its reserve brands, which includes 24 high-end luxury items.  Diageo uses what they call “marketing disciplines” to keep their brands visible to affluent customers, many of who are rich, single men.

For one, they utilize “influencers,” who are high-profile celebrities.  Diageo hooked up with Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, because they felt he could influence a segment of their market in a powerful way.  For two, Diageo has a “Guru Influencer.”  The Guru Influencer is whisky expert Charlie MacLean.  Wealthy customers who are “in the know” trust MacLean’s expertise, and therefore value his recommendations.  For three, Diageo uses “Socialite Influences.”  Socialite influences are high-net-worth individuals who have lots of exclusive parties and know lots of elite people.

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