God’s Will?

By Christopher Zoukis

There was no denying that Paul Hill was articulate and persuasive.  He loved being on national television.  He enjoyed the limelight.  However, his message had the odor of manipulation about it.  Two wrongs never make a right.

It should be noted that Paul believed he was doing God’s will.  He was convinced of it.  There was no doubt in Paul’s mind.  To him, his rationale was beyond refutation.  Murdering those he perceived as murderers was right.  It was a defensive action; it also pointed to a psychopathic condition.

By this point, Paul Hill was toying with the idea of fighting back.  Dr. John Britton / Image courtesy feministsforchoice.com

On July 21, 1994, “Taking this defensive action occurred to me.  Although at the time my thinking on these things had not crystallized, no matter how I approached the subject, everything seemed to fall together in an amazing manner.  I continued to secretly consider shooting an abortionist, half hoping it would not appear as plausible after I had given it more thought.”[1]

The next day was Friday.  As usual, Paul went to the abortion clinic – the Ladies Center in Pensacola – to protest.  Another protestor arrived.  Paul questioned his fellow-protestor, who told him that the abortionist usually arrived at 7:30 am.  A police security guard accompanied the abortion doctor.  However, the doctor had a habit of arriving a few minutes before the security guard.  Which meant there was room for a defensive action to take place.  If the matter was timed right, the doctor could be ambushed.

Paul interpreted this as a sign from God.  “God had opened a window of opportunity, and it appeared I had been appointed to step through it.”[2] 

The following week, Paul’s wife took their three children on a planned visit to his parents.  Before they left, the family enjoyed an outing at the beach.  Paul played with his son, who was nine, and his two daughters aged three and six.  Paul knew this would probably be the last time he saw his family.  To control his emotions, he “lifted my heart to the Lord in praise and faith.”[3]  God answered him.  “I was reminded of God’s promise to bless Abraham, and grant him descendants as numerous as he stars in the sky.  I claimed that promise as my own…”[4]

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