Marketing: Emotional Anchors

By Christopher Zoukis

What does this information mean to the seller of luxury goods and services who wants to market to baby boomers? For one, it means not neglecting this important and wealthy segment of affluent customers. Websites, marketing, and advertising must target baby boomers. Design websites that appeal to and attract affluent baby boomers. For two, it means the websites must be consistently easy to use, so baby boomers will stay on the site. This calls for simplicity of design, more color contrast and larger fonts, which boomers can see and read, because many of them utilize reading glasses.  Image courtesy

According to the website design engineers at Mix-UnitX, the content of websites needs to be created to target the primary interests of specific age groups. The experts at Mix-UnitX offer the following guidelines:

18-35 Age Group:

            45% of gen-Xers go online for entertainment information

            40% of gen-Xers go online for local and national news

            38% of gen-Xers go online to play games

            36% of gen-Xers go online for information about shopping and products

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