States Study Use of Fentanyl as Execution Drug

By Christopher Zoukis Faced with pharmaceutical supplier refusals, states are having serious difficulty obtaining the lethal drugs used for current execution protocols, so they are increasingly examining alternatives — including fentanyl, the synthetic drug that is in large part responsible for the nation’s deadly opioid epidemic. Nevada and Nebraska have developed execution protocols including fentanyl, […]

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By Christopher Zoukis  Army of God / Image courtesy

Two pro-life attorneys – Michael Hirsh and Vince Heiser – volunteered to orchestrate Paul Hill’s defense.  The first thing the attorneys did was file a motion arguing that Paul Hill’s murder of Dr. Britton and his escort was justifiable homicide.  To defend the unborn, Dr. Britton had to die.  Paul Hill’s actions were necessary to prevent mass murder. 

The judge rejected the motion and slapped a gag order on Paul Hill, because – in effect – if Paul was allowed to claim justifiable homicide, it meant Paul was above the law.  It would mean Paul decided what was lawful and what was not.  In Florida, abortion was legal under certain circumstances.  In other words, abortion was not murder.  On the other hand, Paul had committed murder twice over.  And in the state of Florida, murder was illegal under all circumstances. 

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