Plots and Schemes

By Christopher Zoukis On November 16, 1994, Terry Nichols drove to Las Vegas.  He rented storage space into which he placed wigs, masks, panty hose, freeze-dried food and $60,000 worth of gold bullion, silver bars, and jade.  Peter Langan, Leader of the ARA / Image courtesy Meanwhile, McVeigh had gone to Pendleton, New York, […]

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Elohim City

By Christopher Zoukis

Located in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in eastern Oklahoma, Elohim City was founded in 1973 by Robert Millar.  Millar, a former Mennonite preacher from Canada, had converted to Christian Identity.  After his conversion, Millar established Elohim City as an Identity compound, where he and his followers could live in keeping with their beliefs.   Denis Mahon / Image courtesy

Essentially, Elohim City was an armed, religious community made up of members of the radical right.  At various times, Elohim City housed members of the Aryan Republican Army; the Covenant, Sword, and Arm of the Lord; the National Alliance; the KKK; the Aryan Nation; and other neo-Nazi groups.  In other words, Elohim City was a bastion for those involved in the militant white power movement.

The Aryan Republican Army (ARA) – about which much more later – was a small gang of estranged, violent, white supremacists, who had read The Turner Diaries, The Silent Brotherhood and Vigilantes for Christendom.  Not only did they read them and believe them, but they adopted the books’ teachings as their motivating ideology.  The ARA modeled their mode of dress, their actions and their organization after Robert Mathews and The Order. 

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