Camp Bow Wow

By Christopher Zoukis (RM) reports that ever-increasing spending on pets indicates a need for more high-end pet services, such as pet spas, day cares, gourmet pet food, and luxury grooming salons. According to RM, groomers offering luxury services cannot keep up with demand. Image courtesy

Petco offers polo shirts for cats and dogs, along with pet shoes and lifejackets for owners who take their pets sailing. Pet groomers in Tampa, Florida make more than $100,000 per year and believe the grooming business is recession-proof. The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APM) agrees, forecasting that affluent pet owners will spend $3.2 billion on grooming services, which includes pedicures.

Camp Bow Wow, which is located in Tampa, markets itself as a “Doggy Day Camp and Overnight Camp.” The camp offers climate-controlled accommodations, classical music at night, and webcams. The webcams make it possible for owners to check on their pets, using their computers at home or work.

Just Dogs Gourmet sells customized hand-decorated doggie-treats. They also offer pet sunglasses, which sell very well.

Healthcare for pets has burgeoned from a $7.1 billion industry in 2001, to an estimated $14 billion in 2010, according to the APM. And more than 1 million pets are now covered by health insurance. And Tampa lawyer Jennifer Dietz specializes in pet law. She handles numerous pet-injury lawsuits and sets up pet trusts.

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