High End Crazy: Luxury Real Estate

By Christopher Zoukis

How does one go about marketing luxury real estate to affluent customers? The first challenge is the size of the group of potential buyers. The more luxurious the property, the more it costs. This means there are fewer people who can afford it. Which, in turn, means that mass-marketing techniques will not work for luxury real estate.  Photo courtesy activerain.com

Usually, mass-market real estate agents try to appeal to customers who already exist. If they do not already exist, the agent tries to create a market for the property. With luxury properties, however, the agent must “go where the market is.” This allows the agent to connect with people who are actively looking for million dollar homes.

The simplest method to connecting with wealthy real estate seekers is by listing the property on luxury real estate websites. These websites already attract individuals in the market for expensive properties. One tip to remember when going this route is to be sure the listing site is international in scope. Think globally, because rich investors do not limit themselves geographically.

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