The Genius of Saint Domingue

By Christopher Zoukis Fort de Joux. It’s also known as Chateau de Joux.  What it is – is a castle that was transfigured into a fort.  A kind of reinvention in today’s jargon, albeit a slow one. Its first incarnation was one of wood, in the 11th century.  It was a large building whose existence was […]

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Michel Eyquen de Montaigne-Delecroix

By Christopher Zoukis He was buried in the family cemetery near his chateau, which is actually a castle in the center of an opulent park.  Construction of the castle began in 1477.  It is located on the borders of Perigord and Bordelais, in the Dordogne part of France.  A tall white floriated cross, or ‘cross […]

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Chanel – Part 1

By Christopher Zoukis  Image courtesy

In numerology, which is an occult system based on numbers, numbers are not merely quantitative, but also depict symbolic qualities.  The number 5 symbolizes the whole, for example, as in marriage, where the hieros gamos (the number of marriage, 5) is the combination of the feminine number 2, and the masculine number 3. 

The lion is another traditional symbol, which carries many varied meanings.  Macrobius said that lions were representative of the earth, “Mother of the Gods.”  Pairs of lions are the “master of double strength,” the guardians of doors, gates and treasure. Lions even guard the Tree of Life. 

According to one tradition lions were supposed to sleep with their eyes open, demonstrating vigilance, spiritual watchfulness and endurance.

Lions watch over graves, too.

Five lions of stone are carved into a tombstone in Bois-de-Vaux Cemetery.  Guardians of the grave.  The tombstone itself is white stone. I’m not sure what kind.  It is flat and smooth, with a lintel around the top – very Classical, very Greek.  The initial impression is one of Napoleonic splendor.  The five golden

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