Sons of God – Part 1

Image courtesy Christopher Zoukis   

No one is really sure where this fairy tale originated.  Some scholars say that the story of the Blue Men came from Morocco, through the Berber traders as they sailed north to do business with the Scottish islanders.  The faces of the Berbers were glossy blue in color.  A color caused by the pigment they used to dye their leather merchandise.  When business went bad, the Berbers became pirates, sailing the strait looking for ships to plunder.  These pirate attacks were called “mad pleasure.”

According to legend, not only do the Blue Men have blue skin, but long gray faces with beards, and green hair.  Their eyes are small, their noses are flat like the back of an axe, and their mouths are wide.  They have long arms and fish-tails instead of legs, which means they are mermen.  As large as a normal land-bound man, their strength is prodigious. 

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