Marketing Book: Introduction and Goals

By Christopher Zoukis

There has been an explosion of wealth over the last twenty years. Not just in the United States, but throughout the world.  Millionaires are everywhere. They have lots of disposable income, and are looking for goods and services to purchase. The individuals and companies that identify, target, and market to these millionaires will profit handsomely. Indeed, they will become millionaires themselves. To be successful in this undertaking, these individuals and companies will have to position themselves correctly. Correct positioning equals attraction, and is similar to becoming a flower. Pretty flowers that smell sweet attract the bees. In the case at hand, the objective is not the most bees but the most prosperous bees. This book explains the ins and outs of becoming the flower that attracts the affluent bees. In other words, this book spells out how to attract and keep wealthy customers.

This book has three goals.  Photo courtesy

The first goal is to tell you how to attract and appeal to affluent customers. Make no mistake attracting affluent customers is very different than attracting multitudes of customers, who regularly shop at malls and department stores.  Affluent customers rarely visit the average mall, and they don’t shop at Penney’s or Wal-Mart.  Thus attracting and appealing to the affluent involves a whole new way of thinking. Which means a whole new way of engaging customers. For affluent customers are a segment of the populace that is almost invisible, simply because they are such a small part of the populace. To appeal to this niche market means using a new way of selling and marketing.

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