By Christopher Zoukis

Now that he was out of prison, Supreme had decided to re-invent himself.  He would become a producer of movies. 

While in prison at Talladega, Supreme had had to kill a lot of time.  So he began reading.  His favorite author was Donald Goines, who was an ex-hustler from Detroit.  Goines wrote about the streets, drug trafficking and hustling.  Supreme fell in love with Goines’ novels and wanted to make them into movies.  He thought they’d be bigger hits than the Godfather.  To make this dream a reality, Supreme needed to hook up with the right kind of people – players in the entertainment business.  Irv Gotti / Photo courtesy

Hip-hop and Rap were coming on like skyrockets in 1995.  Music labels and producers were on the lookout for new talent.  One such producer was Irv Lorenzo, who was out of Hollis, Queens.  Lorenzo started out as a DJ and a talent scout.  Calling himself DJ Irv, he hooked up with people and began handling up and coming Rappers and Hip-hoppers.  Changing his name to Irv Gotti, he started his own record label, which he christened Murder Inc, the world’s most dangerous record label.  Murder Inc. promoted and produced music that revolved around the gangsta’ life.  Which meant Gotti needed street cred.  He needed to be perceived as the real McCoy – a hustler with ties to the street, drugs and gangland style slayings.

One day Gotti was overseeing the shooting of a video for one of his Rappers, whose name was Cash Money Clicks.  A friend of Gotti’s walked up to him and told him Supreme was there and wanted to say hello.  Gotti couldn’t believe it.  This was just the street cred he needed.  Gotti jumped at the chance.

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