Pushing The Right Buttons

By Christopher Zoukis

Pawsible Marketing (PM), a marketing firm specializing in luxury pet marketing, believes that quality is the driving factor in luxury pet products. PM forecasts that the retailing sector of luxury pet products will see massive growth in not only brick and mortar stores, but in online stores. The biggest retailers will begin offering luxury products to customers that want even greater luxury and “green” products. PM also sees new companies jumping onto the luxury pet products bandwagon. Most of these new companies will “feel” their way along, because they have no previous experience in the pet market segment.

According to PM, boutique stores will focus more on luxury pet products to niche markets. If their niche market is lucrative enough, and if their marketing is effective, these boutique stores will be acquired by larger companies seeking to expand their offerings.  Image courtesy crystal-fox.com

Green products and services will prove to be a key niche market. Affluent pet owners are concerned about pet foods and products with potentially harmful constituents. So they will seek out and patronize foods, toys, clothing items, medicines, and other products that are pet friendly.

PM also sees affluent pet owners seeking health insurance for their pets. These owners will respond to marketing targeted to the health of their pets, including alternatives such as pet massages, pet acupuncture, pet chiropractic care, pet hydrotherapy, pet nutrition, pet herbs, and pet homeopathy. In other words, now is the time to carefully plan marketing and promotional campaigns in these areas.

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