Manuscript Finished!

The manuscript of Christopher Zoukis’ latest non-fiction project is finished!  Hooray!  The completed manuscript will be submitted to the publisher — Headpress of the U.K. — in the next few days.  Tentatively titled United Blood Nation:  The Untold Story of the East Coast Bloods, the book was a collaborative effort between Christopher Zoukis and John […]

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By John Lee Brook

Reviewed by Christopher Zoukis

Notoriety is the substantive form of the adjective ‘notorious,’ which is defined as “widely but unfavorably known or talked about.”  Which means that being notorious is the same thing as being famous, only for all the wrong reasons.  Some obvious examples defining the subtle difference between fame and notoriety would be:  Jesus is famous.  Hitler is notorious.  Mother Theresa is famous.  Lindsay Lohan is notorious.  Yet in today’s world, which espouses an attitude of “there’s no such thing as bad publicity,” the distinction is lax.  It doesn’t seem to matter whether one is famous or notorious.  Either way, one is a celebrity.  Which is what it’s all about.  

Without a doubt, with the publication of Blood In Blood Out, the Aryan Brotherhood (AB) will have attained its highest pinnacle of notoriety or fame or celebrity, depending on your viewpoint.  For this book is bound to make them famously infamous.  Essentially, it is a voyeuristic exhibition of infamy, in which, like a peeping Tom, John Lee Brook gives the reader a view into an extraordinary world.  A world of drugs, money, and violence wrapped around an inner core of mystical warriors.  

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