Listening For Emotional Clues

By Christopher Zoukis

Just Say No

To accelerate the sales professional’s ability to close the sale, Seidman developed the “Ultimate Objection-Handling Tool,” which provides a three-sided shield against buyer resistance.  First, the seller identifies the top six objections.  Next, the seller develops potent responses to the six objections.  And third, the seller customizes the presentation by selecting responses that best fit their ability and personality.  The author dissects each part thoroughly, giving lucid examples. 

Seven basic rules are offered to deflect the objections of buyers, along with a short discussion of each rule.  Briefly, the seven rules are: do not get defensive, do not brag about the product, do agree with the buyer’s thinking, do not become overly enthusiastic, do exhibit genuine interest, be prepared for objections, and be prepared to take a risk.

Can You Hear Me Talking? 

The Secret Language of Influence maintains that “strategic listening” is vital to successful selling.  Not only does listening well make others feel valued, it generates intimacy and makes others appreciate the listener.  A three-step program to improved listening skills is delineated.  The initial step involves understanding why people listen poorly.  Keys to good listening are second.  And responding after listening is the final step.  Image courtesy

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