Collector’s Mindset

By Christopher Zoukis

Collectors are everywhere. People collect anything and everything imaginable. In his book, No B.S. Marketing to the Affluent, Dan Kennedy relates how he bought an antique gambling machine for $8,000. Car Collectors gather together in cities like Las Vegas to bid on classic cars. Some of the cars go for hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. A woman in Northern California collects Barbie Dolls. She never takes them out of their original boxes, and exhibits them in a custom-built room in her house. Knife Collectors pay thousands for handcrafted custom knives and swords.  Image courtesy

In one sense, collectors are aficionados. For they are passionate about whatever it is they collect. In another sense, aficionados and collectors are different. Aficionados buy to enjoy and satisfy their passion. So do collectors. But collectors go one step further. They obtain pleasure from the act of ownership. Once they own an item, they do not want to give it up. Rather, they want to continually add similar items to their “collection.”

For example, a Ferrari aficionado buys the latest model to drive it. He wants to enjoy the way it handles and accelerates. He wants to show it off and be seen in it. The Car Collector buys a Ferrari to add to his collection, which may be composed solely of Ferrari’s, different examples from different eras. Or his collection may include many different types of cars. He may drive them, but his real intent is adding to his collection.  

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