The Alabaster Roses

By P. H. K. Schoeffner

Reviewed by Christopher Zoukis

Two brothers search for a magical flower that will rouse their sister from her mystical slumber.

Jochen, Natalie, and Barbel are siblings.  One day, while exploring a nearby forest, they discover weird and wonderful black flowers.  Beautiful and elegant, the black flowers also exude an aura of horrible evil.  Cousin Thorsten, who is accompanying the siblings, relates the legend of Schoenboeck, a powerful magician, who laid a curse upon the flowers – anyone who approached the flowers would fall into a never ending sleep.  The only way to lift the curse is through the alabasters roses, which the wizard keeps inside his castle Drachrosenstein. 

When none of the others are looking, six-year old Natalie gathers a few of the black flowers.  She instantly falls asleep.  Her brothers determine they will rescue Natalie by finding the castle and bringing back the alabaster roses. 

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