Speaking of mayhem, lately I’ve been seeing an advertisement on television for insurance.  The commercial personifies ‘mayhem’ as tall, dark, and handsome.  But not too handsome.  There’s a malicious element to ‘mayhem’s’ good looks which lets us – the faithful television viewers – know that he’s one of the bad guys. 

The intent of the commercial is to alert the viewing public that mayhem can thrust his invidious face into anyone’s life at anytime, thus thoroughly destroying any tranquility in our lives.  Mayhem is responsible for all sorts of mishap, calamities and disasters.  And mayhem delights in bringing catastrophes into unsuspecting lives, as often as possible.  The barely disguised idea is that everyone needs protection against mayhem.  In other words, peace of mind may be purchased from your friendly insurance company. 

Exactly which insurance company paid for the commercial escapes me, which, when you think about it, means that the ad agency that put the commercial together and made a lot of money by so doing, failed.  Because the whole point of television commercials is to make darn sure the viewers know what is being sold and who makes it.  That way, they (the viewers) can go down to their local store and buy what is being sold, thus avoiding the embarrassment of purchasing some inferior product. 

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