Army of God

By Christopher Zoukis

After he left the ministry, Paul moved his family to Pensacola and started his own business – auto detailing.  His new work gave him great satisfaction.  Physical labor made him feel alive, which gave him a sense of meaning and purpose.  And the results of his labors were immediate and empirical – the cars were clean and shined.  The family moved to Pensacola so they could be near a reformed Presbyterian church Paul wanted to join.  This church practiced infant baptism and infant communion.  Both these rites were extremely important to Paul, who had developed an extraordinary empathy for the sanctity of new life.  Paul believed passionately that ‘Life’ began at the moment of conception.  Which meant he opposed any type of abortion.

Somewhere in here – no one knew precisely when – Paul hooked up with the Army of God.  The Army of God was an extremist anti-abortion association.[1]  The group openly advocated violence to stop abortion.  Adopting the concept of leaderless resistance, the Army of God encouraged ‘lone warriors’ to take up the banner of God and do whatever was necessary to halt the mass murder of unborn infants.  Newsday reported that the Reverend Michael Bray claimed to be “the chaplain of the Army of God.”[2]

The Army of God might have borrowed their convoluted, pathological creed from the Phineas Priesthood.  Composed of psychopathic, religious nutcases, the Army of God demonstrated the worst facet of religious fanaticism.

Michael Bray had strong connections to the church of Christian Identity.  Bray believed the Bible was the inerrant Word of God.  He held that homosexuals and adulterers should be executed, because that’s what the Bible said.  Bray introduced Paul Hill to Christian Identity.  From that point on, Paul Hill’s life was never the same.   Michael Bray / Image courtesy

Paul became an activist.  “In God’s amazing providence, I began to engage in pro-life activism at the Ladies Center in Pensacola.”[3]  A few months later, Michael Griffin – who was a pro-life activist – shot and killed Dr. David Gunn.  Dr. Gunn performed abortions in a medical clinic.

Two days after Dr. Gunn’s murder, Paul called the Phil Donhue Show.  He told the show’s producers who he was and stated that he upheld the killing of Dr. Gunn.  The producers immediately invited Paul to appear on the show.  Paul believed this opportunity was made possible by God’s intervention.  Which meant – as far as Paul was concerned – that God disapproved of abortion and sanctioned such acts of retribution.

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