By Christopher Zoukis

Opening Image:  Jesus is introduced.  He’s back because he decides to take another vacation. 

Theme Stated:  Satan’s constant opposition to everything Jesus does is introduced on page 3.

Set-Up:  Jesus and Heather eat at the Flying J, where Jesus’ disenchantment with religion is exposed.

Catalyst:  Arriving in Butte, Montana, Jesus delivers the garlic he is hauling in his Peterbilt to a grocery store owned and operated by a religious group known as Springers (followers of the deceased Curtis Howe Springer of Zyzzx fame).  Springers are Merovingians.  Heather is a Springer.   Image courtesy

Debate:  The Springers identify Jesus as a preacher just waiting to happen.  The Springers attempt to persuade Jesus to become a radio/TV evangelist for Springerism. 

Break in Two:  Jesus does not want to get “involved in the preaching thing again.”  But he does.  The Springer Church becomes The Last Chance Church of the Last Days.

B Story:  the relationship between Jesus and Heather takes off. 

Fun and Games:  Jesus/Henry becomes superstar TV evangelist.  The Last Chance Church goes international, surpassing every other religion in adherents.

Midpoint:  Satan is pissed.  He believes Jesus/Henry is trying to pull a fast one:  a premature Second Advent, along with the Millennium, where Jesus gets to rule the world.  Satan marshals an opposition religion.

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Outline For Proposed Marketing Book

By Christopher Zoukis

Introduction:  Goals of the Book

  1. Attracting and appealing to affluent customers
  2. Understanding the psychology of affluent customers
  3. Marketing aimed at the psychology of affluent customers

PART ONE:  The Affluent Customer

Chapter 1:  Identifying Affluent Customers  Photo courtesy of

  1. The moneyed customer
  2. The rich customer
  3. The ultra-rich customer
  4. What the rich do differently
  5. Goods, services, and products the affluent buy

Chapter 2:  Affluent Women

  1. Appealing to the affluent female psychology
    1. how to sell to women
    2. the opportunity of “women only” marketing

2.  Selling beauty

Chapter 3:  Affluent Men

  1. Appealing to the affluent male psychology
    1. emotion-based purchases
    2. status-based purchases
  2. How to sell to men

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