Marketing: Positioning, Recognition, Exclusivity

By Christopher Zoukis

For example, a company sells ultra-exclusive cell phones. The company has targeted the ultra-rich as its desired customer. To utilize Tony Hawk, the world-famous skater, as the company’s marketing face would be a gross error. Why? Simply because very few ultra-rich customers would recognize Tony Hawk. There is no recognition factor. Thus there is no positioning of the product, no emotional connection. The ultra-rich do not “want to have it.”

A number of different marketing techniques are available when celebrities are used. The most obvious method is advertisements on television or in upscale fashion magazines such as Vogue, W, or Very. This type of marketing depends on the connection between the celebrity and the luxury product. Examples of this method were mentioned previously, and included Madonna, and Demi Moore.  Photo courtesy

Another wildly beneficial method is the placement of luxury products or brands in movies, television shows, and even books. A few recent examples include BMW cars in the James Bond movies, Audi high-performance luxury cars in Transporter 2, and the movie Sex and the City, which featured Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik. Two examples of books that did the same thing were Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point, which made public Hush Puppy shoes, and William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition, in which Tommy Hilfiger played a prominent role.

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