Book Review: Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy TheoryBy Mike EnemigoPublished by The Cell Block, P. O. Box 212, Folsom, CA 95763ISBN 9781492709665 $15.00 (2012, 2013)Available on Amazon. Reviewed by Christopher Zoukis Conspiracy Theory is a gritty story of drugs, crime, and the underground rap music scene in Sacramento, California, written by someone who knows whereof he speaks. Mike Enemigo, a Folsom […]

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Stephen King on E-Books

By Christopher Zoukis Stephen King and others talk about e-books, their potential and the changes taking place in the publishing industry.  According to King, e-books are simply the “delivery system.”  The important part is “the content.”  Good content is the focal point of books, blogs and websites.  If the content is good, the readers will […]

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Open Court

By Christopher Zoukis  Image courtesy

There’s a dark green bench near the tombstone, one of the old ones with the wooden slats and iron legs, like the ones city governments placed at bus stops.  It’s as if he’s inviting you stay for a while.  Sit, relax and let us converse. 

His name is on the back of the bench, along with his birth date and his death date.  Of course that got me to thinking that maybe the bench isn’t for sitting and relaxing.  Maybe it’s part of the tombstone, kind of a double display effect:  the actual stone tombstone and the bench forming two sides, like bookends for the dead.

The actual tombstone has his name and dates too.  Two feet wide by eight inches high, it’s a three-layered affair, like a cake, but each layer is smaller than the one beneath it.  The bottom layer is just cement, with the next two higher layers being black granite, which, as usual, isn’t really black.  More of a dark gray.

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