Image courtesy By Christopher Zoukis Recent publishing news:  College For Convicts (tentative title) will be published by McFarland & Co. I have signed a publishing contract with Headpress, a U.K. publisher, to produce a book on the East Coast Bloods. And I hope to soon announce some exciting news in the fiction arena.  Stay […]

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Write A Killer Book Proposal

By Christopher Zoukis

Every non-fiction writer needs to know how to write a killer book proposal, because that’s how you get a publishing contract and a nice advance.  A book proposal is composed of seven sections.  Three of those seven sections make up the ‘killer’ elements of your book proposal, so those three sections must be fabulous.

The seven sections are:  

1.  The introduction, which is a one paragraph summary of your book.  The introduction needs to pique the editor’s interest, so he wants to read more.

2.  Purpose, which some writers call “the book hook.”  This is one of the three ‘killer’ parts of your proposal, so make it dazzling.  The Purpose of your book is a one-sentence summary of your book that hooks the editor like a fish.  For example:  Queen of L.A. examines the extravagant life of Gladys Root, one of the first feminists, and the most successful female attorney in U.S. history.

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