Marketing: The Recognition Factor

By Christopher Zoukis

The number one most desired brand in the world is Gucci, which also owns Yves Saint Laurent and Sergio Rossi. Michael Macko, who is the director of fashion at Saks Fifth Avenue, explained to Forbes why Gucci is so alluring. “Gucci manages to offer high fashion and very commercial items. That iconic red and green stripe is some of the most iconic luxury branding ever created, and people want a piece of it.”

When Gucci opened its store in New York City, they planned their marketing carefully. First, a grand opening that was well-advertised; second, the launch of a “Gucci Loves New York” handbag collection; and third, all profits from the handbags went to a charitable cause, which was also well-advertised.  Photo courtesy

The second most desirable brand in the world is actually two brands, Chanel and Calvin Klein. The two brands tied. Chanel’s success is attributed to its relevance, according to Forbes. Which means constant refreshment of products in the area of styling. Chanel’s luxury products are timeless. Marketing of this ageless quality is accomplished by identifying the products with the most beautiful women in the world. Chanel’s current celebrity symbol is Vanessa Paradis. Her presence implies exclusive beauty.

Calvin Klein’s world-wide sales were $4.5 billion in 2006. In 2009, that number increased to $5.8 billion. The appeal of Calvin Klein’s luxury products is due to the company’s contemporary designs, which present an image of cool arrival. Calvin Klein’s marketing revolves around the deliberate presentation of this carefully fostered image of cool confidence, which speaks to the desires.

Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo hold down the final spots in the world’s most desirable brands.

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