Stolen World

By Jennie Erin Smith

Reviewed by Christopher Zoukis                                

Status, whether we like it or not, whether we admit it or not, is important in life.   Status is an unspoken, yet universally recognized, form of competition.  Status may be derived from any number of things, including how much money one has, what kind of car one drives, and what brand of clothing one wears. And each and every subculture within a culture has its own particular system of status. 

For example, a few years ago, status among Roman Catholic priests was determined by cuff links.  The fancier the cuff links, the higher the status.  Right now, among fourteen-year-males in California, status may be gained or lost based on the brand of shoes worn.  Vans convey status, as do DC shoes and the Etnies brand.  Nike athletic shoes are totally cool, whereas Reeboks are not. 

This state of affairs is omnipresent, touching every facet of life, even, as strange as it may seem the bizarre world of smuggling.  And not just any old smuggling, either.  To be precise, the secretive subculture known as illegal reptile smuggling.  Which, by the way, is extremely lucrative for those participants who are successful.

Two of the most successful reptile smugglers were Hank Molt and Tommy

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