More And More Peculiar

Image courtesy www.sfawcart.comBy Christopher Zoukis

In 1973, Hoskins added a second newsletter to his propaganda machine.  Along with The Hoskins Report, he began sending out his Portfolios Investment Advisory (PIA).  Exclusively for his private clients, PIA offered not only advice on wealth management, but also helpful hints on such varied topics as the Holocaust, integration, and politics. 

According to Hoskins, the Holocaust was “Constant lies.  Lies, lies, lies.  Forty years of lies…the anti-Christ Holohoax scam.”  Regarding integration, Hoskins asserted that even Communism was less of an evil.  “Better a blood-soaked Joseph Stalin than a smiling Ian Smith or congenial DeKlerk who opens the door to the barbarians.  Compromise means death.”  And as far as politics were concerned, Hoskins wrote “A political candidate need take just 3 simple stands.  1)  Abolish usury.  2)  Root sodomists from the land.  3)  Outlaw racial interbreeding.”

Jews, homosexuals and miscegenation – the three cardinal sins.  Hoskins went on and on about all three.  Utopia was a place that had purged itself of Jews, perverts and race mixing.

Something had happened to Hoskins.  He was becoming more and more peculiar.  More and more, he was the object of a refined self-admiration.  He felt chosen by God to bring enlightenment to a benighted world.  A world in which the white race was losing its position of superiority.  Prospects seemed good.  His newsletters had a steady following, which meant he didn’t have to worry about money.  And Our Nordic Race had bestowed some small measure of fame and glamour upon him.  Only it wasn’t enough.  Hoskins wanted national recognition.  He lusted for celebrity.   

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Hell, Fire, and Damnation

By Christopher Zoukis

Up to this point, Hoskins would not have been described as a religious or spiritual or mystical personality.  This changed in the mid-1960s.  For Hoskins got religion.  His spirituality, previously dulled by insufficient stimulation and by a lack of human compassion, emerged and shone in zealous splendor.  Hoskins was narrow-minded and saw no need for religion, because to his way of thinking religion was weak.  It preached tolerance, love, forgiveness, and turning the other cheek.  Hoskins had no tolerance for such namby-pambyism.  He wanted the Jesus of the Second Advent, not the whimpy Jesus of the First Advent, which was what religion taught.  At the Second Advent, Jesus came back with eyes like fire and a tongue like a sword, with which he killed his enemies.   Image courtesy

Hoskins finally found it.  And when he did it was transforming, life-changing.  For his spiritual awakening nurtured the seeds of a new and fervent vocation:  unreasoning religious fanaticism.

It happened like this.  Hoskins had descended into the pit of alcoholism.  “On April 28, 1965, at 4:00 in the afternoon, in the green rocking chair on the front porch,” Jesus showed up.  Only this Jesus wasn’t a Jew, he was a Nordic from the great Aryan race.  As Hoskins said, “When He saved me all He got was a drunk with a nervous breakdown who couldn’t work and who had no money.” 

Hoskins became a devotee of the hell-fire and damnation preaching of Jerry Falwell.  Falwell was an old-line fundamentalist, who hated Jews, abortionists, non-whites and government interference.  But Falwell was smart too.  He didn’t want to be stamped as a rightwing nutcase.  It was more profitable to be conservative than radical.  So he preached a watered-down version of Christian Identity, a version that made it more palatable to the average champion of the status quo Christian.

Falwell’s preaching was music to Hoskins’ ears.  He had found a kindred soul, a fellow warrior of the White Way.  Hoskins began attending Thomas Road Baptist Church, where Falwell held sway every Sunday, preaching the truth of God’s word.  Which in reality had little resemblance to the truth or to God.  More accurately, it was the Jerry Falwell show and the word being preached was the Gospel of Jerry Falwell.

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