Another of Haggard’s readers, Madame Blavatsky, asserted that Queen Ayesha embodied the first principle of the Theosophical doctrine, which stated there was a single, underlying inseparable Truth that had no cause and no beginning, thus unknowable and indescribable.  According to Blavatsky, it was Be-ness rather than Be-ing.  Yet this Be-ness comprised in its aspect the idea of absolute Abstract Motion, which encompassed the quality of Change. 

In other words, Queen Ayesha represented life, consciousness, and spirit.  Each of these three energies was dynamic and evolutionary.  Haggard took the two concepts – dynamism and evolution – and presented them in the reincarnated Queen Ayesha.  “My empire is of the imagination,” says She.  When the adventurers try to teach her Christian doctrine, she shrugs them off, saying, “The religions come and the religions pass, and civilizations come and pass, and naught endures but the world and human nature.” 

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