Another Look at a Good Book

Image courtesy By Christopher Zoukis Genghis Khan established a vast empire during the 13th Century.  The Mongol Empire extended from the Dnepr River to the Pacific.  There’s another more contemporary group of Mongols.  It’s an outlaw motorcycle club that originated in December 1969, in a small town called Montebello, which is in Southern California.  […]

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By Shane ‘Silky’ Thomas

Reviewed by Christopher Zoukis

“A lot of people know what it feels like to be a bad man, but I am the only bad man who knows what it feels like to be the baddest man.”

Silky Thomas’ real name was Shane Anthony Thomas.  His nickname was courtesy of his friends, who called him Silky because he was so slick and smooth.  Silky was a member of – and the leader of – a gang called the Ridgeway Bloods, which was part of the United Blood Nations, one of the ten most feared gangs in North America. 

Silky relates his story in his recently published memoir, which is entitled Unstoppable.  The title is appropriate.  For when he was a criminal, Silky was unstoppable.  Later, after he altered his lifestyle, Silky remained unstoppable.    Relentless would be a good word to describe Silky’s personality.

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Some people called it Chocolate City.  Others called it Drama City.  ‘It’ was Southwest Washington D.C.  The worst kind of ghetto, made up of tenement houses, fleabag motels, and rat-infested apartment buildings.  Slums didn’t even begin to describe the poverty and squalor of the area.

Chocolate City was where Wayne Anthony Perry was born on November 14, 1962.  He grew up on L Street, in the area called 203.  203 was one of the worst sections of Chocolate City.  It had the worst drug problem, the worst violence and the worst crime.  The people who lived there had two vocational choices:  sports or crime.  Either one might provide a way out of Chocolate City.  Lack of talent and poverty pushed most people to choose crime.

Wayne Perry was good at sports.  So good that he was smooth.  His smoothness earned him the nickname of ‘Silk.’  Bestowed upon him by his half-brother, who was called Lop, the nickname stuck.  From that moment on, everyone knew Wayne Perry as Silk.

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