Red Cape Marketing

By Christopher Zoukis

Many people are wine aficionados. They are passionate about wine, and some of their purchases are made as investments. A fine bottle of wine can go for $600 or more. These investment-wines require proper storage, which includes temperature and humidity control, along with security.  Image courtesy

Jim LaBonte, who owns Tropical Storage in Miramar, Florida, saw a unique opportunity. He expanded his self-storage business, adding separate wines storage facilities, with 24-hour keypad access. A computer-monitored refrigeration system keeps the temperature at 55 degrees. Humidity is maintained at 5 to 70 percent.  “It’s important for our customers to feel their investment is well cared for,” says LaBonte. So LaBonte has back-up air conditioning units and a security system, which give customers assurance.

Marketing wine storage to aficionados is vital to its success. It is not merely a case of “build it and they will come.” LaBonte used the following marketing techniques:

~A custom website that made aficionados aware of the facility’s unique offerings.

~He joined a local wine tasting club, which gave further exposure to the wine storage, and added to his reputation as a wine expert.

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