Those Who Have To Be Carefully Kept

By Christopher Zoukis “Break easily, have sharp edges, and those who have to be carefully kept.”  These, according to the Skin Horse, are the kind of people who don’t ‘become.’ Marilyn Monroe, I decided, was probably one of those who didn’t ‘become.’  She broke easily, I think.  And she needed to be carefully kept, too.  […]

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Here Lies A Man – 2

Patterson, who was black, had decided that the world champion of boxing must be moral as well as a skilled boxer. 

Even then role models were in vogue.  And Floyd Patterson, when he looked in the mirror, saw a worthy role model.  Whereas Sonny, when he looked in the mirror, saw a snake coming out of the darkness.  His self-perception was modeled after those around him, the way they perceived him. 

So much for role models.

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