Book Review: Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy TheoryBy Mike EnemigoPublished by The Cell Block, P. O. Box 212, Folsom, CA 95763ISBN 9781492709665 $15.00 (2012, 2013)Available on Amazon. Reviewed by Christopher Zoukis Conspiracy Theory is a gritty story of drugs, crime, and the underground rap music scene in Sacramento, California, written by someone who knows whereof he speaks. Mike Enemigo, a Folsom […]

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Book Review: The Fund

By H.T. Narea

Reviewed by Christopher Zoukis

Narea stumbles a bit with his first international thriller.     

Kate Molares is a financial sleuth with the Defense Intelligence Agency.  Her job is to follow the money back to the bad guys.   When a terrorist bombing occurs in Madrid, Spain, Molares intuitively begins connecting the dots between Al-Qaeda, Basque insurrectionists, and Venezuela.  The connection is handsome Middle Eastern hedge fund manager, Nebibi Hasehm, whose nickname is the Jackal.  As Molares attempts to figure out what’s going on, she renews her former too-coincidental relationship with Nebibi, whom she suspects is more than he appears.  The various threads of the plot unravel when the author inserts a subplot about an experimental serum that causes cats to chase dogs.  This subplot is too farfetched and refuses to meld into the rest of the story. 

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Travel Check

By Toni Cameron

Reviewed by Christopher Zoukis

Assistant District Attorney Gary Parker gets in over his head when he tries to balance his courtroom career with his bedroom antics in this legal thriller.

The District Attorney’s Office issues travel checks to prosecutors for expenses.  Assistant DA Gary Parker is assigned a travel check for Hyde County, where he is to prosecute Darryl Robinson for attempted murder.  There’s one little problem:  most of the denizens of Hyde County believe Darryl Robinson did what any red-blooded man would do upon finding his wife in bed with another man.  They feel the charges should be dismissed.

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No Remorse

By Ian Walkley

Reviewed by Christopher Zoukis

CIA operatives accelerate from one electrifying moment to another as they try to stop a maniacal Saudi prince from starting World War III.

Lee McCloud –  aka “Mac,” a member of Delta Force – finds himself in Mexico, trying to rescue two teenage girls kidnapped by the drug cartels.  Things go from bad to worse when the bad guys don’t play according to the rules.

Framed for two murders, Mac has two choices:  go to prison or go to work for a CIA black-op group run by the devious Wisebaum, whose group hacks into terrorists’ bank accounts, confiscating millions of dollars.  Mac is portrayed as rough and ready, the typical macho action-hero.  Yet his vulnerabilities allow the reader to identify with him.  However, there’s more going on than meets the eye.  Saudi Prince Khalid is in possession of nuclear canisters, with which he hopes to alter world history.  Khalid also dabbles in trafficking young women and harvesting and selling human organs. 

When Wisebaum’s black op targets Khalid’s father, the action

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By Jim Hendee

Reviewed by Christopher Zoukis

“If you agree, you’ll be happy you did.  I promise.”

In today’s world, most people are familiar with the terms ‘terrorism’ and ‘terrorist.’  And because of the omnipresence of the media, many people are aware of bioterrorism, but only as a concept.  Fortunately, very few people have come into contact with bioterrorism.  Yet bioterrorism is real and it’s scary.

In his bio-thriller – Codon Zero – author Jim Hendee brings the reader face to face with bioterrorism and its lethal consequences.  As the story opens, retired U.S. intelligence officer Jason Stouter is approached by Dr. Chance Bonnard, a biochemical engineer.  Dr. Bonnard informs Jason Stouter that he has a formulated a cure for the rare disease that afflicts Jason’s son.  If Jason will do Dr. Bonnard a favor, the doctor will cure his son.

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