The Trinity

By Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman

Reviewed by Christopher Zoukis

Concerning three, Aristotle wrote, “Three is the first number to which the word ‘all’ has been appropriated.” 

The power of three is ubiquitous.  Famous threes include body, soul, and spirit.  Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Maiden, Mother,  and Crone.  Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.  Folklore relates three wishes, three rites, three princes or princesses, three weird sisters, and three cheers, along with many, many others.  In other words, three is a very significant symbol.   

This significance is discussed by authors Marie Jones and Larry Flaxman in their new book, The Trinity.  And according to Jones and Flaxman, the power of three is not simply symbolical.  It is real.  Not only is the power of three real, but it can be appropriated by you or me through what we call prayer.  Through prayer, you and I can ask God or the Prime Mover or Atum or the Supreme Mind or whatever you want to call him for tangible or intangible stuff.  And we will receive it (the stuff).

As improbable as it sounds, there is nothing new about this particular use of prayer.  It’s been around for thousands of years.  In today’s world, theologians call it ‘prosperity theology.’  That is, that God or whatever you choose to call him wants you to be prosperous – in body, soul, and spirit – and all you have to do is ask.

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