A powerful new video has been produced by the Essie Justice Group, a San Francisco-based organization dedicated to supporting women with incarcerated loved ones. The #StandWithHer project highlights the disproportionate impact that mass incarceration (and mandatory minimums which feeds cyclically into incarceration rates) has on women. When we talk about the impact on the family […]

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Marketing To Women

By Christopher Zoukis

According to Forbes and CNN, women make up 50% of the population and control 80% of consumer purchasing decisions. More importantly, women now own 30% of all businesses in the United States, and this number is growing. Women directly control over $7 trillion dollars. By the year 2010, it is predicted that women will control private wealth in the amount of $13 trillion. This fantastic growth in income is changing the face of marketing. Women are being targeted. Charles Schwab, Citibank and Merrill Lynch now have marketing aimed specifically at women.  Image courtesy realestatetheband.com

Although married couples lead the way in home buying, the number two-position is held by single women.  Women buy homes. Women invest their money. Women take luxury vacations.  Women buy investment properties. Ignoring the affluent female customer is a mistake that no seller can afford to make.

The psychology of affluent female customers is different than that of affluent male customers. Now do not interpret that statement to mean anything more than what it says. For ultimately, affluent men and women purchase luxury goods and services for the same reasons, which will be discussed later. What is different between men and women is the way their brains actually function. Newsweek reported that brain-imaging technology has demonstrated definite distinctions between the functioning of male and female brains. Here are some of the distinctions:

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